Osimis Viewer (not pro version) bug ? Probably moot at this point.

I think this is a bug with the Osimis viewer.

When you try to view a PDF document that has been attached to a study, that works fine when the format is 1 x 1, but if you choose more than one panel per view and try to load multiple PDF documents into multiple panels then it does not work. Sometimes, it actually loads the document into a different panel than the one that it is dragged to. You’d have to play around with it with a sample study to see what I mean. I did not try that with multiple other MIME types.

It looks like you can reliably display just one PDF document per window if you have multiple PDF attachments.

I know that the Osimis viewer is no longer supported.

Is there an update about an initial release of the new viewer from Orthanc.



As you correctly stated, the Osimis Web viewer will indeed not be improved anymore.

As written earlier on this forum, its successor (the Stone Web viewer) is under active development. Its release will be announced on this forum, so stay tuned.