OSIMIS print viewer size


Since we updated to the latest version, we noticed that the Osimis viewer print option changed. Now, there is a lot of empty space (red boxes). The viewer has a full width image, but when we try to print it resizes.


There is a setting to modify this?




I think that is somehow related to the bug I am facing. When i open Osimis with 50% width, the print preview shows the entire space used. However, when I open Osimis with 100% width, the print preview doesn’t use all the available space. Here is an example.

Full size Osimis

full screen.png

Osimis embedded on a frame with 50% width
splitted screen.png

Maybe it’s something related to CSS?


The Osimis Web viewer is now deprecated and superseded by the Stone Web viewer:

In the Stone Web viewer, printing will automatically rescale the image to fit the paper width. You also have the possibility to download a screenshot of the drawing canvas as a JPEG file if rescaling if not adapted to your task (there is a button to this end).

As the Osimis Web viewer is free and open-source software, feel free to download and adapt the code to your needs by yourself, then share your contribution to the community:

Finally, as you are embedding the Osimis Web viewer into an iframe, I guess you are working for a commercial company. Consider buying a professional support pack if this answer doesn’t suit you: