OrthancPluginMoveCallback, driver object description

Hello Sébastién,

concerning the OrthancPluginMoveCallback: is there a spec of the driver object available that this function is supposed to return?
I looked thru the Book and the source, but so far only found something for the job object (or is it similar?)

Thanks for your help!



Please check out the reference of the Orthanc SDK:


Thank you for the quick reply.
Actually I did, but for the driver object (s. below) that is supposed to be the return value of OrthancPluginMoveCallback I could not find any spec.
Or is it up to the plugin itself to define this object for its own purposes and just being forwarded by Orthanc to the OrthancPluginApplyMove function ‘as is’?


Yes, it is up to the “OrthancPluginMoveCallback” implemented in the plugin to create a C data structure or a C++ object that will take care of one incoming C-Move request:

This callback function is called for each incoming C-Move.

The callback must return a structure/object (the content of this handler is opaque to Orthanc, and has a “void*” type), and is afterward managed by the Orthanc core. Orthanc will:

  • Call “OrthancPluginGetMoveSize” to get the number of suboperations in the handler,
  • Call “OrthancPluginApplyMove” to apply one suboperation, and
  • Call “OrthancPluginFreeMove” to free the handler.