OrthancCon 2023 program is now available

Dear Orthanc community,

It is my pleasure to inform you that after some hard work, the program of the joint GHCon/OrthancCon conference is now available!


Note that there might still be some minor adaptations to this program, and that the missing abstracts will soon be published. We thank all the contributors for their high-quality abstracts, and we’re looking forward to meeting you in Hanover!

Kind Regards,


I am just curious. Is not Hanover spelled with 2 'n’s in German ? Also, I registered awhile ago, and I withdrew my registration within the last 1-2 days due to conflicts with my schedule.

Are the sessions going to be available via Zoom or some other remote method as it was previously ?

It is, but the traditional English spelling is “Hanover”. However, it seems to be changing nowadays.
Wikipedia explains it as follows (Hanover - Wikipedia):

‘Hanover’ is the traditional English spelling. The German spelling (with a double n) has become more popular in English; recent editions of encyclopedias prefer the German spelling,[5][6] and the local government uses the German spelling on English websites.[7] The English pronunciation, with stress on the first syllable, is applied to both the German and English spellings, which is different from German pronunciation, with stress on the second syllable and a long second vowel. The traditional English spelling is still used in historical contexts, especially when referring to the British House of Hanover.

Why is there a thread like this one on the Orthanc Forum ? I was in Hannover. The Polizei there are really tall and large people. I do have a large number of photos from the trip though.