Orthanc with S3


I am planning on using Orthanc with Amazon S3 and wanted some opinions on the pros and cons in doing so from users who already use Orthanc with S3. I also have some questions which follows:

Is it scaling well?
How much work you needed to set up this structure?
Is there any limitations on using Orthanc with S3?

Also, i heard about S3FS which works like a remote directory for S3 mounted as a partition on Linux systems. So, basically, there are two options:

  • Orthanc S3 plugin
  • S3FS to mount S3 as a directory

Which option is the best?


The S3 plugin is contributed code, please get in touch with their developers for more information:


Please analyze the pros/cons by yourself, then share your insights on this forum, as we are sure they will interest other people.

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