Orthanc with DicomWEB plugin behind a reverse-proxy - bis

Sorry everybody … I started a new conversation because I was not able to answer Alain’s message in the previous conversation I opened on the same subject … messages automatically deleted …

Dear Alain,

You’re right. The “PublicRoot” parameter is well managed. I was able to check it too.

On the other hand, it is specified that care must be taken to ensure that the “Forward” headers are correctly filled in… their role is, in theory, to allow the generation of coherent URLs with the use of a reverse proxy , and, as in the example you show, I only manage to obtain URLs of type http://localhost/xxx for BulkDataURI attribute for example (when headers like Forwarded or X-Forwarded-Host are transmitted correctly).

How are these geaders, or can they be used by the DicomWEB plugin?

Thank you.


Note about Google Groups: There are indeed more and more problems with Google Groups and more and more messages are being lost/deleted/considered as SPAM.

Concerning the X-Forwarded header and siblings, they actually just provide the domain but not the subpath /orthanc hence the need for “PublicRoot”.

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Dear Orthanc community,

Google Groups is having severe problems right now, which is a pity as we have received no information from Google:

We cannot be held responsible for this disappointing state of facts, and we are doing our best to find countermeasures. Be reassured that any message tagged as “spam” or unilaterally deleted is not the result of any action of the Orthanc core team, but comes from a lack of maintenance from Google.

I highly suggest the affected users of Orthanc to complain to Google, not to ourselves.

If the Google Groups experience doesn’t improve in the short term, I will do my best to setup a self-hosted alternative in the next few weeks/months in order to make Orthanc at last fully independent of the goodwill of of proprietary, closed-source platforms.

But please be patient, as this represents a large, costly amount work that was totally unexpected and unplanned, while our priority has always been to work on the maintenance of Orthanc and on the addition of many innovative features inside the Orthanc ecosystem.

Best Regards,