Orthanc Win storage location

Is it possible to add storage point ? I mean that if I have D:/Orthanc full, can I add a new disk/volume with E:/Orthan2 mapped in the configuration ?
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No, Orthanc only supports a single storage point. You would need to find a way to have your logical D drive on multiple physical drive (don’t know if this is possible on Windows. If you find a way, please document it here).

Otherwise, this is the kind of feature that can be implemented in a Storage plugin (http://book.orthanc-server.com/plugins.html)

Hello Massimo

Windows 10 allows to create “Spanned Volumes” where a logical volume can use several physical partitions.

The following links explain how to create a spanned volume :



You can also create Striped volumes that will speed data access (software-based RAID-0), but you need same-sized partitions to maximize available space in that case.

You should of course stop Orthanc, backup your current storage location and move it on the new volume afterwards.

I am not sure if you are allowed to do this if one of the partitions is your current system drive. Since it is called D:, is assume it isn’t, but I could be wrong!

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Thanks Ben!
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Biotron spa

To add to that, if you are using Windows Server you can use Storage Spaces with Tiered storage for better performance, have SSD drives as Cache and large spinning disk, ass under one drive letter.