orthanc utf8 character in farsi is incorrect

hi . i tried send a dicom image with persian/arabic characterset to orthanc but in instance orthanc change patient name to some Danish, Norwegian, Faroese characters . i know its about utf-8 problem but idont hace enough knowlege in c++ to fix it . i send you a sample dicom image with correct template in imagej

oh and i change json config default encoding to utf8 and arabic but not change or in dicomimport.py i added supporting of utf8 character but it not change .
for compiling in farsi we have fribidi https://fribidi.org/ maybe it can help

Screenshot from 2017-05-11 15-38-39.png

Screenshot from 2017-05-11 16-10-31.png

$355975_MR_702_0001_1.DCM.new (515 KB)

Screenshot from 2017-05-11 16-12-10.png

Seems the declared encoding might be incorrect:

$ dcmdump '$355975_MR_702_0001_1.DCM.new' | grep --text CharacterSet
(0008,0005) CS [ISO_IR 100] # 10, 1 SpecificCharacterSet

ISO_IR 100 is ISO/IEC 8859-1 (Latin 1).

Thanks with iso_ir 192 is correct now iam going to implement mwl in old dicom modality that mabye dont support utf8 or iso_ir 192 whats is your suggestion ?