ORTHANC Server Verification Failure with Xario100

Hi Jessica,

Could you share your Orthanc configuration file ?
Are you able to perform a C-Echo from your modality ?


Apologies for the delay in response: we have been closed for the holidays. Since I have posted this it has become apparent that the machine I am trying to query/write with does not appear to have a proprietary “optional DICOM software” installed. This may be a large part of the problem even though the interface gives the appearance that it is ready for DICOM use. A copy of the configuration has been attached to this message. Admittedly I am out of my depth, but nothing stands out as being obviously wrong with the configuration. The firewall has been configured appropriately for both of the machines to communicate with each other. The main reason I posted this, though it probably lacked information, is that the machine software’s utility for DICOM troubleshooting spat out those messages specifically. I have not had a successful C-Echo test from either the computer designated as a server or the ultrasound machine. I feel it is likely at this rate that a representative will need to come install the DICOM software, and will configure a setup for us.

Thank you for your replies. I will try to post information about what is done to correct the issue if we call someone.

orthanccopy.txt (20.9 KB)


You should definitely get in touch with the commercial support for your DICOM modality:

After all, you pay the manufacturer to fulfill such kind of support. As Orthanc is free and open-source software, your manufacturer has full access to all the required information to interface your modality with the Orthanc server. If there’s an issue with Orthanc, we’ll happily fix it as soon as we receive a robust way to reproduce the issue independently of your hardware.