Orthanc server connection issues

Hello Team!

I have an Orthanc server (version: 1.7.4) running inside a docker container (jodogne/orthanc) on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04).

And I have installed the Osirix application on a Mac machine.

Now, the requirement is I need to set up the connection between these two (Orthanc server and Osirix application) but the connection is not establishing!

We need urgent help to configure either the Standard DicomNode or the DicomWeb Node. So that we can send the Dicom files directly to the Orthanc server from the Osirix application.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Please let me know if anything is required from my side for further analysis?

Thanks and Best Regards
Anuj Mandloi

Hello Anuj Mandloi,

Have you had a look on these pages?


This should help you!

If this doesn’t bring you a solution, don’t hesitate to ask here again, following these rules:

And finally, if you are in a hurry, don’t hesitate to buy an Orthanc support pack… while this is a good way to support free and open-source software, it will allow you to get dedicated support (by mail, phone,…).

Hello Team,

Thanks for providing the links!

But we have already gone through all links provided and configured the settings/options accordingly but still, the issue is there!
Now, my concern is that one of the articles says, we have to configure the remote computer IP address (on which the Osirix is running) into the Orthanc server’s configuration file.

So, please let me know if it is required to configure the remote IP address inside the “Dicommodalities” section of our “Orthanc.json” file to connect the Osirix with the Orthanc?

If yes, then I wonder why? Because that remote IP address is not static and can change anytime!
Also, if I have multiple Osirix running on different remote computers then do I need to configure all the remote IP addresses of Osirix machines inside the Dicommodalities of Orthanc configuration?

Thanks and Best Regards
Anuj Mandloi


You should first make sure that Docker networking is properly configured. This was discussed earlier on this forum:

Regarding the configuration of DICOM C-MOVE, OsiriX must be listed in the configuration file of Orthanc, and Orthanc must be listed in the configuration of OsiriX:

This “bidirectional” configuration is by design of DICOM C-MOVE.

If the IP address of your OsiriX client changes, you could consider using DICOM C-GET instead of C-MOVE:

As noticed by Benoît, DICOMweb is another solution:



Hello Team,

Thanks for the confirmation and for providing the links!

As you have mentioned, “This “bidirectional” configuration is by design of DICOM C-MOVE.
And you have suggested an alternate “C-GET”, where the issuer and source servers are the same!

Here, I do not understand the issuer server, as I have only two servers (i.e. the Source which is Osirix, and the Target which is Orthanc)
And I want to transfer the files from source to target.
Osirix —> Orthanc
(Dynamic remote IP) (Fix server IP)

But using this C-GET method, I do not understand how the Osirix will get connected to the Orthanc server if the IP address is not configured inside Orthanc’s configuration?

Also, you have suggested the DICOMweb solution which I have tried already but not succeeded!
Please find the steps which I have performed using this Article (https://book.orthanc-server.com/plugins/dicomweb.html):

  1. Downloaded the Dicomweb plugin file “OrthancDicomweb-1.2.tar.gz” from this URL: “https://www.orthanc-server.com/browse.php?path=/plugin-dicom-web
  2. Followed below commands:
    $ mkdir Build
    $ cd Build
    $ make
  3. I have successfully executed the above 3 commands but the last command results get stucks on 51% only for so long…

After this, I have canceled the command and again executed the ‘make’ but now it causes hangs the server and I have to restart the server every time when I execute this command!

Note: Server size is enough I guess (i.e. 25 GB available)

Please let me know if I did anything wrong above or you need any other information from my side.

I am looking forward to getting a proper solution for this case!

Thanks and Best Regards
Anuj Mandloi


There was indeed an ambiguity in the drawing corresponding to C-GET in the Orthanc Book. This drawing is now fixed:

I hope this clarifies things.

Regarding the question: “I do not understand how the Osirix will get connected to the Orthanc server if the IP address is not configured inside Orthanc’s configuration?” => You have to register the AET of OsiriX in the “DicomModalities” configuration option of Orthanc. If the option “DicomCheckModalityHost” of Orthanc is set to “false”, Orthanc will not use the IP address and the port number, so they can be set to dummy values (such as “localhost” and “2000”).

Regarding the compilation of the DICOMweb plugin, there is visibly a problem with your build environment. Consider downloading the precompiled OS X binaries provided by Osimis:


Hi, i don’t know how Docker Work, but in my own experience I have installed Orthanc in a server with OpenSuse 15.2 and I have the same problem you have until I open the port number in the OpenSuse firewall and the problem end… so, maybe sounds a little obviously but you should check this configuration…

Regards Ricardo Martínez

Hello Team,

Yes, the firewall ports are open!

And I have configured the AET of Osirix (which is “Apple-Mac-mini”) into the Dicommodalities section of Orthanc configuration with the host “” and port 2000. (Using the C-GET method as suggested above).
But still, I am unable to connect with the Orthanc server.

Also, now I am unable to access the Orthanc server from the browser using “C-Echo”, “C-Find” etc…
Please see the below error which I am getting in Orthanc server while doing C-ECHO:

  • Error in the network protocol: DicomAssociation - connecting to AET “Apples-Mac-mini”: Failed to establish association (0006:0317 Peer aborted Association (or never connected); 0006:031c TCP Initialization Error: Connection refused)
    But if I configure the details in dicommodalities of the Orthanc server itself like [ORTHANC, localhost, 4242]
    then I am able to do the C-ECHO and C-FIND from the browser (http://ipaddress:8024)

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or please provide the working example if possible!

And if not then I will try switching to Osimis.

Thanks and Best Regards
Anuj Mandloi

Hello Sebastien,

I am now using the Osimis image for Orthanc, and I have passed the environment variable (e.g. DICOM_MODALITIES={“Osirix”: [“Osirix”, “”, 11112]}) with the docker run command.

After hitting the query button from Osirix (once Standard Dicom Node is configured) I got the below error in the Orthanc server logs:

W1007 13:44:47.610000 CommandDispatcher.cpp:815] Rejected Find request from remote DICOM modality with AET “AET of Osirix” and hostname “ip of Osirix machine

Also, I am unable to do C-Echo, C-Find from the browser view of Orthanc!!

There is something wrong with the configuration!!
Please let me know the root cause or any working example if possible!

Thanks and Best Regards
Anuj Mandloi

“Rejected Find request from remote DICOM modality with AET “AET of Osirix” and hostname “ip of Osirix machine””

=> This indicates that your Orthanc configuration doesn’t know about your OsiriX client. Your OsiriX client must be listed in the “DicomModalities” configuration option of Orthanc.

Make sure to carefully inspect the logs of Orthanc in “–verbose” mode to be sure that Orthanc starts with the proper configuration file: