Orthanc Queries Plugin for Fiji

Hi All,

We are pleased to share to the community a new Fiji/ImageJ plugin which provides Query/Retrieve service of Orthanc inside ImageJ interface.

This Plugin has been developped in Toulouse (France) with the support of 2 hospitals (CHU Toulouse and IUCT Oncopole) and with the computing school (IUT informatique Toulouse) by Anousone Vongsalat during his internship.

This Plugin implement :

Query of remote AET declared in Orthanc (Name, ID, Acession, Study description, modality filter)
Study and Series results level display
Retrieve of selected studies and series
History function to call a selected patient in a second AET, supposed to be the PACS to be able to directly retrieve patient's previous imaging procedures

You can download the jar from this link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5evaesl4lka1wz6/Orthanc_query.jar?dl=0

To install this plugin into Fiji/ImageJ simply put the jar file into the plugin directory and start Fiji/ImageJ.
In ImageJ go to plugin menu => Orthanc => Launch Setup to declare your Orthanc connection parameter (IP, port, login, password)
To run the plugin go to plugin=> Orthanc => Launch Queries

We would pleased to hear from the community if you can find bugs in this first version (even if we tested it carefully).

This plugin will be released as part of the free and open source PET/CT viewer project in Fiji (http://www.petctviewer.org)

The source of this plugin is not yet released since one other project is ongoing during Anousone's intership.
We will publish the source code in one month along with the second (top secret) project.

Best regards,

Anousone Vongsalat and Salim Kanoun



We're definitely checking it out here at Osimis.
I'm eager to see the code and what you have in store next.

Hi Salim,

This is great!

Please feel free to index this contribution in the “OrthancContributed” public repository, that is precisely dedicated to keep a track of all the third-party extensions to the Orthanc ecosystem: