Orthanc plugin in Rust

Seasonal greetings to all,

I have completed an Orthanc plugin in Rust and would like to ask if it is permitted to contribute back the community using official contribution channels.

The SDK documentation / license indicates that plugins can only be written in C/C++.

However I believe Rust has a place in the Medical ecosystem, especially regarding critical systems and security.

The plugin uses the C FFI to ensure compatibility.

Thanks in advanced.

Many kind regards,


Hi Andrew,

Glad to know that you’ve developed a plugin in Rust and, of course, feel free to share it with the community.

I think that “plugins can only be written in C/C++” should be interpreted as “plugins can only be written through the C Orthanc SDK”. Even the python plugins actually use the C interface. It’s a technical limitation more than a license limitation.



Dear Andrew,

I have just updated the Orthanc Book by the information given by Alain, in the hope that this will clarify your question:

Summarizing, yes, feel free to develop Rust plugins (or plugins using any C-compatible language such as Objective-C or C++). We’ll happily index your contribution in the Orthanc Book:

Kind Regards,

Sébastien, Alain,

Thank you so much for the clarification.
I will now move ahead with publishing, licensing and documenting the plugin.

Many kind regards,