Orthanc Manager Mobile App


I have been a user of Orthanc Server not so long ago, it is definitely a great solution for storing DICOM images of the hospital in which I work. Almost immediately, the idea of ​​creating a mobile application came to me for the convenience of administering Orthanc Server. Here’s what I got at the moment:


And here is the source code:


If someone liked my idea, I ask you to share your impressions with me, as well as ideas about additional functions and the further development of this application!

Thank you for your attention!

Could you allow a hostname to be added, instead of requiring an IP address?


Congratulations! Great work!

Hello! At the moment, there is a restriction on the input in the ip field, it is possible to enter only numbers. Thanks for the idea, in the next release I will add such an opportunity!

well done mate. i will be following the progress of this app with great interest.

Great, however, I cannot search on the orthanc server. My search criteria is time range which is 1 month duration, but there is no result on my phone’s screen

Vào lúc 13:26:14 UTC+7 ngày Thứ Ba, 7 tháng 7, 2020, id05m...@gmail.com đã viết:

Please check that you have chosen modularity before clicking the search button. I also draw your attention to the drop-down list of the search type, it contains two items “Patient ID” and “Patient name”. When searching by patient’s name, you need to specify at least a few letters contained in the patient’s name, for a more correct search, when searching by ID, you need to specify a number or leave the “*” symbol, which means that the search will result in all available IDs, I attached a photo for example.