Orthanc Explorer

Is there a way to prevent Orthanc explorer from displaying all patients in the archive? This drastically affects the performance of initial page load time as well as subsequent filters/queries.


This is answered in the Orthanc Book:


Not really an answer to the question but definitely indicates the feature does not exist with the current system unless I’m misreading.

This is answered in the bold part of the following sentence taken from the Orthanc Book:

“Non-technical audience (physicists, patients, administrative staff…) might expect an user interface that is more user-friendly than Orthanc Explorer, and/or that integrates more features (such as language translations, sorting resources, access control lists, tagging images, beautiful layout, tunable anonymization, modification of instances, paging if many patients, handling of timeouts, login/logout…). If you need such a more advanced user experience so that Orthanc better fits your clinical workflow, you will have to develop a separate, custom Web interface on the top of the REST API of Orthanc, maybe as a plugin.”

Thanks. Do you think if I bought the Osimis professional version this is something that could be handled?

Note that pagination has been implemented in a student project (aka as Orthanc-Explorer 2: https://github.com/sdoloris/orthanc-explorer-2).

Please note that we currently do not provide support on this new interface due to a lack of bandwidth in the Orthanc team.