(Orthanc Explorer) Sort studies based on study-time


First of all thank you for making such a robust and beautiful PACS server software here. I’m a radiologist with minimal experience in setting a PACS. I’ve managed to setup Orthanc successfully in both Windows and Linux environment and it is running well for my setup (tele-radiology for just one user, me).

I would like to ask whether it’s possible to sort the lookup results in Orthanc Explorer by study time? I’m working remotely for a hospital, and I checked for new patients regularly every few hours. However I keep loosing track which patients I’ve interpreted and which ones haven’t. I realized that if I can see, or better sort, the lookup results based on study time it will make my workflow faster.

I know that we can build custom front-end to Orthanc, however I would like to try a very minimalistic and simplistic approach to this problem. Would you please guide me as to which file and which part of the file should I modify in order to accomplish my goals? I’m not an expert in HTML or js, but I can learn along the way.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Thanks for the positive feedback.

The Orthanc REST API simply does not contain a feature to sort the results.

You have 3 possibilities:


Hi Nurhuda

I’m working on a new Orthanc Front end that will be open source.
You are giving me an interesting idea : Making a worklist module.
I could monitor Orthanc recieved study and sort them by acquisition hour or something.
The page could be dynamic and auto refresh itself.

I should be able to add some checkbox for a physician so tick what study have been interpreted or not.

Could you draft me you vision that you expect to get ? It could be just hand written to exmplain what interface / feature you want.

Can’t promise you anything, we still early at buiding this new frontend but I find your idea interessting and could helpful for several users, so if I can get time to build it, i will

Best regards,


Thank you Sebastien, I think I will go through client-side code since I believed that is the easiest way. Thank you for the heads up!

Hi Salim

Glad to hear that, a perfect frontend will be suitable for excellent backend performer like Orthanc!

As to your question, from my point of view as a clinical radiologist, I would expect the frontend to be like this :

  1. Authentication page, preferably with user level access (radiologist, technologist, or just the admin). Techs probably can view the images, edit the patients data, or send to other modalities. Admins probably handle most of the registration/patient info side of things.
  2. Study list page. Preferably with various filters on top (modalities, time period, study status [unread, read, finalized], etc). Should be able to live-search/ajax based on pt’s name or MR. Below that I would imagine having sortable result. Oh, if we can have some filter presets would be nice too (like, Today CR, Today MR)
  3. Clicking on the study list would open up a new tab. If we have dual-monitor, preferable one will be the image area, another will be reporting area. It could be also one-monitor setting, where we could have a button to switch between image and reporting area. Image area could be using osimis or other HTML-5 viewer with sufficient tools for radiologist (surely would need MPR if the studies are mostly CT or MR). The reporting area should show basic pt’s demographic information and study-related info (clinical information, pts complaint, referring physician, which can be pulled from HIS/RIS). Oh, it would be excellent if we can see list of previous studies of this patient too (for comparison purpose)
  4. Reporting area should have several entries, which I believe quite standardized globally, such as clinical information, study comparison, study procedure, description, conclusion, recommendation. Radiologist should be able to use report template and add new template in order to make the workflow faster. He should also be able to mark the report as “read” (to be later confirmed), or “final” (ready to be printed).

Sorry for sharing my vision about perfect combination of RIS/HIS and PACS in daily work settings. I know that many commercial solutions have this solved already. But I have yet to see open sources alternatives for this. Even only accomplishing point #2 will be a great achievement for new orthanc front-end.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Dear Nurhuda,

Thanks for your ideas,

  1. I will have an authentication level in the frontend. I didn’t drafted the roles yet but I will see if I can make something modular enough so you can define this kind of roles
  2. The study list page is something I have in plan and should fit your needs
  3. As viewer I will Integrate OHIF (https://viewer.ohif.org/)
  4. The reporting management is highly technical, it would need an HTML5 editor (this part would be possible with TinyMCE) but then we would have to handle HL7 communications to send the report back to hospital information system. If you have capabilities to develop such feature than you will be able to integrate this into my OrthancToolsJS project. Using TinyMCE and NextGen Connect, it should have a way to do all of this but I would need a dedicated developper for some month to achieve this.

Will keep you updated when I will have something to test,

Best regards,