Orthanc Explorer shows undefined entries in results screen

When using Orthanc Explorer, I sometimes get “undefined” for the labels in the results windows as shown here:

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 9.42.40 AM.png

If I click on the study, I see everything correctly. All of the information, images, metadata, etc is properly displayed.

I have looked at the HTML and see that when this fails, the “class” tags are empty on a failing search result, while they are filled in on a successful report where the patient name, etc, is displayed.

I get the same results on Chrome and on Firefox.

I am more likely to see this behavior when browsing to a server that is not local to the machine from which the browser is running.

Has anyone else seen this?

thank you,



What version of Orthanc are you using?

Release 1.9.5 of Orthanc has introduced a fix for broken “Lookup”, which looks quite similar to your screenshot:


Thank you. Upgrading to 1.9.7 fixed the problem.


Hello John,

Am having the same issue, I used windows installer for Orthanc, How do i upgrade to version 1.9.7 ? Am abit of a novice, kindly consider step-wise guide.

You can simply uninstall your current version, then install the new version:


So the windows installer version OrthancInstaller-Win64-21.9.2 is similar to version 1.9.7 stated above?

Yes, “OrthancInstaller-Win64-21.9.2” contains Orthanc 1.9.7.

More generally, the Windows installer that can be downloaded from the Osimis homepage always contains the latest version of Orthanc and its plugins.

Thank-you so much, installed the new version from Osimis and sorted out lookup undefined bug. Am humbled