Orthanc eplorer (same patient ID)

Hi. In our x-ray cabinet we have a practice every year reset patient ID numeration. So, on January,1 new patient will got ID #1.
Now, on server I have 2 patient with ID 1, 2…
On web explorer I lookup all patient for this day (today), and I see today patients. When I try open John Smith (wint ID 123), I see patient Elisabet Moro (with ID 123) from last year.
If I open it on DICOM client (K-Pacs or e-film) and select “today” tjis study will open correctly.
How can I (or you?) fix it?

Indeed, Orthanc does not appreciate PatientID conflicts. In your case, last year, Orthanc has created a patient ID 123 (For Elisabet Moro). This year when it received the John Smith study, it attached it to the same patient.

When you’re searching for “today patients”, it returns patient ID 123. Then, when you try to open that patient, you see the original patient. Note that this patient shall have both studies attached.

Search for studies instead of patients. That’s actually what K-PACS and e-Film probably do.

In your case, since there are conflicts at patient levels, you should just ignore the patients lists, search, … but if you work at the study level, it will work fine.


In complement to Alain’s answer, here is the related page in the Orthanc Book:

Excerpt: “The patient-level identifiers are not guaranteed to be globally unique, and might collide between different hospitals. For this reason, you should always do queries at the study level as soon as you deal with an application that handles patients from different hospitals.”

In the welcome screen of Orthanc Explorer, click on the “All Studies” button to access the list of studies instead of the list of patients. Here is the direct link on our demo server: