Orthanc and SAN (Storage Area Network)


How to set up the orthanc.json configuration file if Orthanc storage (Windows version) connect to SAN.

As declared in the follow,

“StorageDirectory”: “…”,
“IndexDirectory”: “…”,

Any example or reference would be sincerely appreciated.



Since you have a directory when using SAN, you should point your StorageDirectory to it. For the IndexDirectory, I believe the best option is to have it in the hard disk of the server running Orthanc.

If you have a shared drive mounted in E:

“StorageDirectory”: “E:”, ← long term storage

“IndexDirectory”: “C:/Index” ← Fast access indexes

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You can do it and it works perfect. You will have the highest access speed to the stored studies by locating the study databases in Synology and leaving the index files on the PC’s hard drive.

I have the same installation that you need and it works very well.

In my case, my orthanc.json configuration file has this configuration declared in the “StorageDirectory” and in the “IndexDirectory” (data on the NAS and indexes on disk C of the server):

“StorageDirectory”: “\\ synology \ orthanc”,

“IndexDirectory”: “C: \ Orthanc”,