Orthanc and OVIYAM together - Need help in integrating these two

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to make use of Orthanc and OVIYAM together for medical imaging workflow.

I am using Orthanc web viewer to view images but it doesn’t display properly as you can see some issue with the display. I tried zooming in/out, contrast increase/decrease etc but it doesn;'t wor.

Has anybody tried using OVIYAM viewer? I am desperately in need of your help and your input is highly appreciated



Could you please avoid creating duplicates for the same question (see your other question https://groups.google.com/forum/?utm_source=digest&utm_medium=email#!topic/orthanc-users/44Vgl04vO5U)?

Also, please don’t ask to ask, but provide more info on your configuration and what you are trying to achieve. Your other post is already better with regard to this :wink: so I would suggest closing this one and continue on the other one.



Regarding the question about Oviyam: I’m seconding Michel’s answer => please open a single thread.

Regarding the question about the Orthanc Web viewer: Please share a (possibly anonymized) sample DICOM file if you want someone to be able to assist you.