Orthanc and Image Exchange Portal - Accession Number Missing


WE are trying to use Orthanc with the Image Exchange Portal (IEP) in the UK however, Dicom images are not transferring to IEP as the "Accession Number" field is not populated.

How can we get the Accession Number field to be populated in Orthanc? Is this a configuration issue?



Orthanc acts as a server: It receives DICOM files from a modality or a PACS, but it never modifies the received files by itself. In other terms, Orthanc never creates/removes DICOM tags (except if it is asked to do so).

In your case, if the Accession Number tag is not set, it is definitely a configuration problem in your modality or in your RIS system.

Note that it is possibly to modify the content of a DICOM study (e.g. to add an Accession Number) stored inside Orthanc, either with a Lua script or with a call to the REST API, but I would not favor this approach in your case. The Accession Number should be set ahead of time in any clinical workflow.