Orthanc 1.9.4 problem with MySQL for Index

We have setup an Orthanc server using MySQL for the index. After storing some files (by transferring from another Orthanc server using ImportDicomFiles.py in the distribution), we are getting the following results when looking for changes with http://server:8043/changes.

Note that date and ID are interchanged in the output.
“Changes” :

“ChangeType” : “NewInstance”,
“Date” : “c9380cf1-c6ac9d91-bfe3d34a-b44be77d-6df6a6f9”,
“ID” : “20210721T075532”,
“Path” : “/instances/20210721T075532”,
“ResourceType” : “Instance”,
“Seq” : 1
“ChangeType” : “NewSeries”,
“Date” : “643820ed-a1a196ca-3fcb3829-d15ca4d0-fe4d3137”,
“ID” : “20210721T075532”,
“Path” : “/series/20210721T075532”,
“ResourceType” : “Series”,
“Seq” : 2

Any reason why this might be happening? This did not happen with the default SQLite index.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jay,

I confirm your findings and I’ve logged the issue in our bug tracker: https://bugs.orthanc-server.com/show_bug.cgi?id=200

Right now, v 4.1 of the plugin does not seem to be affected by the issue.

Please note that it is holiday season for Sébastien and myself so it’s hard to tell when we’ll look at it.

Best regards,



Thanks for the report. The issue is now fixed in the mainline by the following changeset:

I will do my best to provide a quick MySQL 4.3 release in the next few hours, but I will not be able to make a full release of macOS and Windows packages before August.


Fantastic! Thanks. I will wait for the 4.2 fix, and in the meantime try with 4.1

Hi Jay,

The plugin MySQL 4.3 has now been released and is available in Docker images osimis/orthanc:21.7.4.

Best regards,


Great! I downloaded the earlier MySQL 4.3 plugin, and it worked fine. So I will now upgrade to the released version.

Thanks once again! Great work.