Orthanc 1.5.7 - Command line Installation - Windows-based containers


I’m trying to install Orthanc 1.5.7 in windows containers over Windows server 2016 and 2019.

In short, I need a similar approach than Linux-based containers. Unfortunately, there is no support from Docker to run Linux-based containers over Windows server, we can do it over Windows 10 (which is not my case).

Looking forward, I started to play with windows containers, but I was not capable to find any command line reference for windows-based orthanc installation candidates. I just received the same link to download a EXE version of the software.

Can someone provide these guidelines or web page to visit?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kassiano,

Sorry, we’ve no experience with Windows containers.

So far, there’s no command line reference for the Windows installer. It is built with InnoSetup, source code here. Note that the installer is installing Orthanc as a service which might not be ideal for a Windows Container (From my experience with Linux containers, we do not use services but simply start an exe).

Therefore, you might just want to download Orthanc Windows executable and start it manually.




I managed the installation.

Basically, I had to use the orthanc.json with some modified parameters for my scenario side by side with the executable.