[Orthanc 1.3.2] Webviewer plugin and Thread safety issue with mg_write ???

Hi, all~~

While our research server try to download .dcm file of a series via Orthanc REST API, sometimes Time-out issue is showing in our research server-side.

At that time, In Orthanc server side, mg_write returns invalid size.

(In server logs file, I can found “This HTTP answer does not contain any body” message)

Even I add below line of code to MongooseServer.cpp, But same issue is showing sometimes.

const char *options[] = {

“num_threads”, “1”,


pimpl_->context_ = mg_start(&Callback, this, options);

Is there anyone who meet same issue?

Before modifying the Orthanc code, have you tried to reproduce the problem with a standard Orthanc binary ?
Then, please specify in what conditions your problem arise ? When sending what requests ? What’s your environment …