Orthanc 0.9.1

Dear Orthanc users,

Orthanc 0.9.1 is out!

This maintenance release brings many improvements to Orthanc. Lua scripts now have seamless access to the core REST API, and new events are supported. The configuration of Orthanc can be split into several files. Several fixes are also included, together with large-scale code refactorings.


Thank you very much for this great work !

I just installed the new version, but can't find any documentation for the new features. Can you tell me ?


Hi Sébastien, what do you mean by "The configuration of Orthanc can be split into several files"? Could you please supply an example of how this is done? I assume you mean the various sections of the configuration file can be split into several files, but how do we name and link them together?
James W.

Dear Marc,

The new features are listed in the NEWS file:


Dear James,

When starting Orthanc, you can now specify the path to a folder containing a set of configuration files, instead of the path to a single configuration file.

In such a case, Orthanc will scan and load each single file with a “.json” extension in the specified folder. The content of each such JSON configuration file will be appended to generate the full configuration of the Orthanc server. This can be useful to share portions of the configuration between several instances of Orthanc, or to separate the configuration of the plugins from the configuration of the Orthanc core.

An example can be found in the “orthanc” and “orthanc-postgresql” packages from Debian: