Ortahnc viewer editor

Hi, have a question the Orthanc have a puglig for a editor DICOM where can zoom in, zoom out, rotate, measure, move and reproduce dicom video, thanks

Hi Alejandro,

Osimis has developed an open-source viewer as an orthanc plugin: https://bitbucket.org/osimis/osimis-webviewer-plugin
There are also other alternatives listed here: https://orthanc.chu.ulg.ac.be/book/faq/viewers.html

Thanks Alain Mazy, for the post, i wiil check it, regards

you know which is version de orthanc is used in this link http://osimisviewer.osimis.io/app/explorer.html
and is compatibility with debian Jessie

This is actually an ‘old version’. Orthanc 1.0.0.
It’s running within Docker so it’s compatible with any Linux distribution.