[OHIF Plugin] ReferencedSeriesSequence is missing for the SEG


I have a .dcm file with modality=SEG that I am able to view in viewer . ohif . org / local - currently v3.8.3, but am not able to view in the OHIF viewer within Orthanc - currently 3.9.0-beta.16.

Attempts to resolve issue

  • Upon checking the console I see an error - ReferencedSeriesSequence is missing for the SEG, however, I have confirmed that this tag is present in the SEG .dcm file.
  • I already raised this issue in OHIF Issues. Pasting the images and data here again.

To reproduce

  • I have used the Docker image - jodogne/orthanc-plugins/1.12.3
  • Download data
    • The data consists of 3 x CT and 1 x SEG .dcms


Which data source are you using ? Have you tried with dicomweb ?

BTW, the sample data is not available anymore.

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  1. The platform did not allow me to add more than two two links, so here is the other way to download the data

  2. Add yes, I use the dicomweb plugin