No DICOMweb server is configured! Error: The C-Echo has failed!

I followed the instruction here :

and here :

but after 7 hours, I still having this error No DICOMweb server is configured!.
olso without the instruction in the video I get DICOMweb server is configured! error.

os : windows 10

and after clicking test echo : Echo result : Error: The C-Echo has failed!

please help me I am new to orthanc.

postgresql.json (841 Bytes)

serve-folders.json (551 Bytes)

transfers.json (558 Bytes)

webviewer.json (642 Bytes)

worklists.json (414 Bytes)

dicomweb.json (662 Bytes)

mysql.json (651 Bytes)

orthanc.json (21 KB)

Orthanc.log (331 Bytes)

You might at least read the content of the log, that is self-explaining:

W0322 10:52:28.621203 main.cpp:1613] Orthanc version: 1.6.0
E0322 10:52:28.621203 OrthancException.h:86] Inexistent file: Inexistent path to configuration: Configuration.json
E0322 10:52:28.621203 main.cpp:1639] Uncaught exception, stopping now: [Inexistent file] (code 13)
W0322 10:52:28.621203 main.cpp:1672] Orthanc has stopped

Before asking advanced questions, please lean the basics in the Orthanc Book:

And, again, please don’t open multiple threads to discuss the same topic on this forum.