New to orthanc but need to import dicoms

Hello everyone, I want to start by saying that I’m new to orthanc, but really loving it so far. I’m a seasoned programmer, so medical terminology is still a bit of a struggle as well.

I’m working on an application where doctors can submit dicom studies via the web. They won’t have direct access to orthanc. I’d like to handle the download with PHP/HTML/JS. From there, Once the dicom files have been uploaded to the server, I’d like to initiate the import into orthanc.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I could go about that? I’ve been trying to research LUA scripts, but it’s been slow. This is on a linux system and PHP has terminal access, so I can build in some special controls.

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I hopefully don’t need a working solution, but if anyone already has one, well I won’t turn that down, lol

Hi John,

You can use the Orthanc http rest api to upload the Files using php. For instance you could use php curl library or guzzle or others.

The api is partially documented at From memory there is an existing php project extended orthanc available on GitHub and made by another contributor to this forum.



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