New OSS project: Orthanc Server Extensions

Hi all,

I am happy to announce a small contribution to the Orthanc ecosystem: Orthanc-server-extensions for python.

After writing a couple of python integration scripts for Orthanc I wanted to shorten the development roundtrip and make unit/integration testing easier and I created this nano-framework to achieve those goals.

Besides this tiny framework, I plan to extend the project with some often used scripts like auto-forwarding with retries and event notifications, but it is explicitly not meant to start competing with Orthanc-Tools-JS or any commercial Osimis offerings. The best thing I could hope to achieve is to inspire future directions of the Orthanc Python plugin to make this project (partially) obsolete :slight_smile:

Hope it is useful to someone, feedback and comments are welcome!





thanks, that sounds interessting, in middle term we will probably make some orthanc plugin so we will look at your framework.

On my side there is no problem if there are overlap with Orthanc-Tools-JS, it will be source of inspiration for both of us.
The main goal is to have the best software tools that solves problems, the question about who is making it doesn’t matter at all.


Thanks Salim, looking forward to some mutual inspiration!

Dear Walco,

Thanks for this new contribution!

I took the liberty of indexing it inside the Orthanc Book:

Kind Regards,

Hi Sébastien,

That’s great, thanks a lot!