Multiple series in web viewer

I am new here so I am sorry about any possible previous discussions regarding this issue I have probably missed during searching the group.

I am working with orthanc web viewer but I can see one series at a time and it is impossible for me to view multiple series. I am just wondering whether there is any solutions.

Thank you all.

Hello, you can use any open source and free dicom viewer like ginkgo, kpacs and mito.


We're developing an open source fork of Orthanc Web Viewer which implements this feature among others (annotation tools, progressive image loading, multiple viewports, ...).

You can use it the same way you did with Orthanc's web viewer.

Osimis Web Viewer executables (for windows and mac) or docker (for linux) are available here:
Source code is available here:


Thibault from Osimis.