MRS DICOM support (Siemens)


I’ve just noticed that MRS Dicoms (spectrscopy) from our Siemens scanner are not storing on the Orthanc server. However, I have bunch of them from my previous studies already there and I can access them easily.

Please let me know if smth has changed in the Orthanc default settings and how to make it work with my current set-up.

Orthanc version: 1.8.0 (dockerized + postgresql)
No logged errors
I attach an exemplary DICOM file

Bartosz Kossowski

svs_siemens.IMA (66.8 KB)


The SOP class UID associated with your DICOM file is non-standard and proprietary from Siemens (, and is thus unknown to Orthanc.

You must start Orthanc with the configuration option “UnknownSopClassAccepted” set to “true”:

The FAQ entry “Sending uncommon or recent SOP class UIDs” is also of interest to you:

For further reference, in your case, the “storescu” command-line tool can be configured by adding the following line to the “/tmp/storescu.cfg” configuration:

PresentationContext128 =\Uncompressed