MPPS response


i have found this post :!topic/orthanc-users/QskO1dgjYoY

with question: Who is typically deleting a worklist after it was done, the modality or the initiator of the worklist, e.g. RIS ?

and the answer of Sébastien for question was:

Typically, the modality will generate a MPPS module (Modality Performed Procedure Step) inside its DICOM files. Once received by the PACS (in this case, Orthanc), the MPPS are used to give feedback to the RIS about the progress of the acquisition. It is then up to the RIS to clear its worklists given this set of DICOM files.

So… I successfuly configured orthanc as MWL server but where and how can i configure orthanc to response for MPPS ? No info in docs

Krzysztof Turkiewicz

Hi Krzystztof,

Orthanc actually does not support MPPS messages. A solution to clear worklists is to remove them from the folder one day after they have been generated (since they are usually valid only for one day). You would need an external script to perform this cleanup.




MPPS could also be implemented as a Python plugin that would register a callback using “orthanc.RegisterOnChangeCallback()” to monitor the arrival of new DICOM instances (check out “orthanc.ChangeType.NEW_INSTANCE”), and would react if the SOP class UID of the received instance corresponds to “1.2.840.10008.*” (which can be tested by using “orthanc.RestApiGet()” on “/instances/…/metadata?expand”):

Similar things could be implemented as a C/C++ plugin.