Move of the GDCM sample plugin


I read from the changelog for version 1.7.0, that the GDCM sample plugin is moved.
As a consequence, WebViewer does not build any longer:


[   57s] CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:139 (add_library):
[   57s]   Cannot find source file:
[   57s]
[   57s]     /usr/src/orthanc/Plugins/Samples/GdcmDecoder/GdcmImageDecoder.cpp


Where is the plugin gone? Or should one better wait for the updated webviewer-plugin?


Dear Axel,

The GDCM plugin has certainly not gone, it is now living as a standalone plugin (not as sample code anymore), in a separate repository:

Full explanations for this migration are available in the Orthanc Book:

This migration will notably allow us to remove the dependency on GDCM from the Orthanc Web viewer plugin and from the DICOMweb plugin.

The modifications to the Web viewer and DICOMweb plugins so as to be compatible with this migration are already pending in the branches called “transcoding”:

Official releases of all those three plugins (GDCM, Orthanc Web viewer, and DICOMweb) is planned for the following days, so please stay tuned.

Thanks again for your work on openSUSE packaging!