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I have a very successful ORTHANC instance running in a Docker. Previously I received DICOM images from my CR Xray system, but now we have added a brand new DR (DX) system.

using the /preview function within the ORTHANC REST API, I am successfully able to retrieve Preview images in JPEG format from both system -generated DICOM files - CR and DX.

The issue I have is that the Preview Images (by calling instances/[INSTANCEID]/preview) seem to be much whiter from the DX than the CR. I’m assuming this has something to do with MONOCHROME1 (CR) and MONOCHROME2 (DX) formats. When previewing these images in the Osimis viewer, I have no issues, they look the correct contrast as something in the Osimis viewer must be compensating for the two formats.

My question is, how do i get the Preview Images from the DX system, to be more predictable and less HIGH CONTRAST?


This image should be more black than this. In Osimis viewer it’s almost perfect black.

Investigating the preview - there is this artifact which appears to be adjust the image contrast.


You should try the /rendered route that has been introduced in 1.6.0. This one takes the windowing into account.
Some samples usage in the orthanc-tests:

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Thank you Alain, that has resolved this topic. Using /rendered instead of /preview results in a perfectly useable image which has a balanced contrast.