Modality Worklist Specific Character Set

Hi everyone,

I'm using the modality worklist plugin to run Orthanc as an MWL server, but the imaging device I want to be able to read the worklist won't display it in the GUI because of the specific character set tag (0008,0005).

I can read the information coming through on the imaging device with a special service function, but this is not something the end user will be able to do. I found that the (0008,0005) tag is coming through as ISO_IR 192. I need it to be ISO_IR 100. When I change that tag (again only through a special service function) everything comes through beautifully.

It isn't the .wl file I started with, I already checked that, and it says ISO_IR 100.

I can't keep the imaging device from querying that tag unfortunately.

Keep in mind that even though I'm able to edit the incoming data temporarily in order to troubleshoot the problem, this will not work as a permanent solution.

Any Ideas on how I can change the (0008,0005) tag to ISO_IR 100?



samplemwl.txt (3.29 KB)

MWL.wl (752 Bytes)

Worklist Info From Imaging Device.jpg

Worklist GUI Before Changing 0008,0005.jpg

Worklist GUI After Changing 0008,0005.jpg

Same problem, new approach. Is there a way to have the Orthanc MWL plugin keep the specific character set (i.e. ISO IR 100) that was noted on the .Wl file?

I just need the 0008,0005 tag to be ISO IR 100. IR 100 and IR 192 seem to be interchangeable, but the mwl plugin keeps changing the tag to IR 192.

I don't mind getting into source code, but whatever controls the specific character set (i.e. 0008,0005) is buried deep in some library, and I don't know where to start.

Please help! I've hit a roadblock, and it's really the only thing stopping me from having a functional system.

Please please please!
Thank you thank you thank you!


Be sure that all the yet-unanswered questions posted to this forum are carefully tracked by myself.

Unfortunately, the modality worklist plugin is low-priority in my short-term roadmap, as I’m currently working on two new complex plugins for my hospital that should be freely released during September.

At this point, you have 4 possibilities:

  1. Wait until I find some spare time (I cannot give you any delay). This obviously depends upon the urgency of this issue.
  2. Contribute to the Orthanc community, either by fixing the issue by yourself, or by helping me on some other tasks (so that I get more free time):
  3. Hire a service company specialized about Orthanc to help you overcoming this problem:
  4. Given your screenshot, I guess you already bought commercial support for your Pentacam from Oculus ( Get in touch with their support team to ask how you could properly interface the Pentacam with Orthanc.

The second possibility should obviously be favored in order to boost the free and open-source development of Orthanc, to the benefit of the worldwide community.