Modality Worklist Plugin

Is there a way to have the Orthanc MWL plugin keep the specific character set (i.e. ISO IR 100) that was noted on the .Wl file?
I just need the 0008,0005 tag to be ISO IR 100. IR 100 and IR 192 seem to be interchangeable, but the mwl plugin keeps changing the tag to IR 192.

I don't mind getting into source code, but whatever controls the specific character set (i.e. 0008,0005) is buried deep in some library, and I don't know where to start.

Please help! I've hit a roadblock, and it's really the only thing stopping me from having a functional system.

Please please please!
Thank you thank you thank you!


Please do not introduce twice a thread about the same topic:

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Do you have any helpful information?

I don't intend on posting any more threads.


Never mind i see your post.