Log generation + IP address

2 questions:

1/ In the msi build (for Win OS), there is a “Logs” subfolder in the install directory where user can track log messages. In the docker build version, there is no such folder (just “config” folder). Is there a way to generate log messages from the docker build version?
(I have problems pushing files from desktop installed version of Orthanc to the docker container version of Orthanc. But I have no issue sending files from the Orthanc inside docker to the Orthanc on the Windows host. From the log file on the Windows host, I recorded the following msg:

E0412 00:18:55.340798 OrthancException.h:86] Error in the network protocol: DicomUserConnection - connecting to AET “ORTHANCDOCKER”: Peer aborted Association (or never connected)

If log file can be generated from the docker side, at least I can see what kind of problems it is experiencing).

2/ This is not really related to Orthanc. When I run Orthanc docker containers inside the VM on a Windows host, how do I determine the correct IP address of the Orthanc docker container so that the SCU on the host (in my case, Orthanc and Conquest) can direct the file to the container SCP?

Thanks in advance.

You can simply use docker logs to inspect the logs of Orthanc, since Orthanc running in docker will send the log output to stdout.

bgo@DELLBGO9570:/mnt/c/osi/dev$ docker ps
7a2cebb43468 jodogne/orthanc “Orthanc /etc/orthan…” 5 seconds ago Up 3 seconds>4242/tcp,>8042/tcp zealous_bohr
bgo@DELLBGO9570:/mnt/c/osi/dev$ docker logs 7a2
W0414 11:20:00.425413 main.cpp:1613] Orthanc version: mainline (20200331T142418)
W0414 11:20:00.427386 OrthancConfiguration.cpp:113] Scanning folder “/etc/orthanc/” for configuration files
W0414 11:20:00.427572 OrthancConfiguration.cpp:61] Reading the configuration from: “/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json”
W0414 11:20:00.653403 main.cpp:791] Loading plugin(s) from: /usr/share/orthanc/plugins

(on a side note, if your VM is only there to run Orthanc in a container, you can maybe get some extra performance by using WSL2 that is available in Windows >= version 2004, released recently… I can provide instructions if needed)

Regarding 2), I am not sure, but I am running a VM in bridge mode (WSL2) and I can open the Orthanc explorer (running in a Docker container inside the VM) from a browser on the host by simply using localhost:8042. There might some tricks to make that work in WSL2, so YMMV.

What happens when you use the ifconfig command in your Linux VM to find out the IP address and try to use that in the json configuration?

(I am not an über expert when it comes to Docker + networking but maybe trying the above could help you :grin:)

Thanks for the advise.

First I am not using WSL2 in Windows because I disabled HyperV on Windows due to another open source project I am trying to build (I use Vagrant now). But in the future, using WSL2 is the way to move forward.
I solved my problem in 2/ finally.
It has something to do with port forwarding inside the Orthanc container service which I over looked.
Thanks again.