listing out all the studies in the database - Orthanc-1.5.6 - is it possible

Is it possible to list all the Patients/Studies in a large Orthanc database. There are times on needs to see them all!!

Simply use the REST API:

curl http://localhost:8042/patients

curl http://localhost:8042/studies

If your question is about the Orthanc Explorer interface, read this FAQ:

What do you need to do, deep analysis of raw orthanc storage ?

I may be able to add a feature that will export all studies details in a spreadsheet (eventually in a database)
In can add it in orthanc tools

Contact me in private if it can match your needs I can add this kind of feature without too much work (I guess)

I am sorry if I sound too much naive, but I am not able to see the output of these commands. The documentation says that it would be a JSON file, but I not able to find one. I shall appreciate your help.


Try those commands using our demo server of Orthanc:




It works great.
Now the issue I am facing -

I have my current installation on a VirtualBox Pop_OS virtual machine. I get no output to ‘curl http://localhost:8042/patients’ (or studies even). The same happened when previously I had it on raspbian.

On MacOS I get the necessary listing with the command (Orthanc server running on MacOS)

(Note - Both the instances of Orthanc have only one single and same study in the current case)

This is most probably a permission problem. Use the “-v” flag from curl to obtain verbose logs:

curl -v http://localhost:8042/patients

If this is not sufficient, inspect the Orthanc logs in “–verbose” mode:

The verbose logs helped in sorting out the problem. I had enabled the authentication (“AuthenticationEnabled” : true) and hence needed to use " -u username:password " option in the curl command.

curl -u : http://localhost:8042/patients