List of freelancers/small companies/volunteers to provide custom assistance

Dear Orthanc users,

At Osimis, we are regularly contacted by end users (typically physicians) who want to install Orthanc in their IT infrastructure (e.g. on a NAS) and who don’t have the technical background to do so even with the help of this users group. These users are usually ready to pay for an installation service but these quick installs are out of the scope of the advanced, B2B services we provide at Osimis. Furthermore, such users expect local support, in their country or timezone, and in their native language. That assistance would most likely mean you would have to connect to the user infrastructure which is also out of scope of this users forum.

That would be nice to have a listing of all freelancers/small companies/volunteers who could provide such assistance in the setup of Orthanc servers.

I you feel you’re one of these, please reply to this message with your point of contact, time-zone and language and with a small description of what kind of service you could provide (please stick to facts and avoid the marketing speech :slight_smile: )

We’ll then be able to link these users to this message thread so they can get in touch with you

Thanks for your help.

Hi Alain,

This is a fantastic idea. Here are our details:

Company Name: Binary
Primary Contact: James Manners (
Language: English
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Timezone: (GMT+11)
Description: We are a software development & digital agency who have over 2 years’ of experience using Orthanc in production. We have developed custom interfaces on top of Orthanc. We can help you set up Orthanc in a scalable and robust manner, integrating with other vendor software and customizing it to suit your needs.



I am interested.

Language: Polish
Timezone: GMT+2
Services: installation, support 24/365

śr., 8 kwi 2020, 08:44 użytkownik Alain Mazy <> napisał:

Dear Alain,

I think i could include myself on the list as i have an institutional support to make some contracts.

Name: salim Kanoun
Languages: French, English, Arabic (tunisian)
Location: Toulouse, France
Description: I'm a nuclear medicine physician, 4y experience using and developping software around orthanc (OrthancTools, GaelO, see github).
I'm interested in practical needs of Orthanc in clinical practice and research.
I will work as non profit services, contract will serve to fund free and open source software developement in my institute.

Best regards,


Dear Alain,

What a wonderful idea! I’d like to enlist myself as well.

Name: Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont
Mobile: +55 21 98663-1337

Language: English, Portuguese
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Timezone: GMT-3
Description: I’m a software developer with experience in deploying Orthanc in an Enterprise scale PACS solution. I have also experience in customising Orthanc and writing plugins for it. Last but not least, I’m working on jOrthanc and can therefore easily integrate Orthanc with Java / REST based technology.

Thank you so much. Take care =)

Company Name: EthosMED
Primary Contact: Rana Asim Wajid (
Language: English, Urdu, Punjabi
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Timezone: (GMT+5)
Description: We are a software development company with over 3 years of experience deploying our Orthanc based PACS & Teleradiology solution in enterprise production environments on five continents.
Services: Custom development, Installation, Training, 24/7 support.

Hi Alain

Excellent idea, you can count on my support and experience

Name: William Sanchez Luis


Mobile: +58-4143334846

Language: English, Spanish
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Timezone: GMT-4

Description: Specialist in networks and computer systems. I have been working with Orthanc for 5 years. I can help with the installation, maintenance and support of Orthanc.



Hi Alain,

I think I could also include myself since I am often consulted about Orthanc and have been involved in several projects using it.

Name: Gabriel Couture
Language: French (native), English
Location: Québec, Canada
Description: I am currently finishing my M.Sc. in (medical) physics focusing on good data management practices in a radiation oncology department, and I will be a data engineer this summer. I have two years of experience with Orthanc in a research environment. I developed several applications and data pipelines using Orthanc, mainly in Python. I am also the developer and main maintainer of PyOrthanc.

Best regards,

Hi Alain, et al.

This is a great idea, thank you! I am fan of Orthanc and have helped a number of people getting it setup. I’m also in charge of administering the SIIM Hackathon’s copy of Orthanc. So I would be happy to assist others who may a hand with it.

Name: Mohannad Hussain
Website: (if you’d like to connect please be sure to include a note - I don’t accept out of the blue connection invitations without context)
Language: English
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (although I am available to assist anywhere in the US & Canada)
Description: Avid user of Orthanc for about 5 years now. With about a decade of experience in Imaging IT, I have been involved in a wide range of activities such as software development, server administration, workflow improvements, prototyping and research…etc.


Hi Alain

Name: Gustavo Fernandez


Mobile: +598 99264161


Language: Spanish, Portuguese
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Timezone: GMT-3

Description: I am Sysadmin, with 8 years of experience in PACS / DICOM and I support level 2 and 3 for 34 public hospitals in everything related to DICOM, dcm4chee and Orthanc. I use Virtualization OpenSource, NAS and also manage Servers deployed in Public Health DataCenter. Also I am a teacher of IT Infrastructure Career.

Best regards

Hi Alain,

That’s good idea. Here are our details

Name: Phong Tran Duc
Mobile: +84 985620330

Language: English, Vietnamese
Location: Hanoi, Vietname
Timezone: GMT+7
Description: We are a start-up company who delivers healthcare services including: PACS, TeleRadiology and AI Solutions. We are happy to collaborate with state-own, private hospitals or clinics who wish to employ our solutions.

I’m interested too

Primary Contact: Claudio Arenas
Mobile: +56 9 66768794

Language: Spanish, English (intermediate level)
Location: Chile, Valparaíso
Timezone: GMT-4
Description: Dentist, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist
Services: Installation, Training, Support, integration with OHIF viewer. / Preference for oral radiology proyects

Hi Alain,

Company Name: FireThunder
Primary Contact: OUSSAMA THOURA
Phone Numbers: +2126080101112

Language: English, Frensh, Arabic, Amazigh
Location: Casablance, Morroco
Timezone: (GMT+1)
Description: We are a software development specialized in medical software, we use orthanc for 4 years now and we contributed to an Orthanc plugin (mongodb). Also we have an extensive experience with orthanc in the production env and the scalability for a large or small installation we also added a user interface with print scp/scu, hl7, archive mid/long term, media distribution (cd robot), and many more to make Orthanc a fully featured PACS system.

I’m interested.

Company name: Callisto SRL
Contact : Adrian Schiopu
We are a company with main activity: service IT equipment.
Experience with ORTHANC: 2 Years - instalation, maintenance, backup

Dear all,

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