Large Preview Image or Export Functionality

I am running the latest version of Orthanc with all plugins in a docker container.

I know that Orthanc supports small “preview” of the image, like so:

Is there a way to view a larger image?

When I say larger image, i mean a PNG image much like that is in the preview, but larger.


Use the official Web viewer plugin:

Play the video on this page to see the Web viewer in action.

You might also want to consider using cornerstone to display images:

Yes, sorry for forgetting to mention that the official Web viewer plugin uses Cornerstone, that is a really wonderful project. :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your responses.
My question was more directed at getting a PNG from the API, which I now can see working very well.

The reason why I was asking the question in the first place was because the set of anonymized studies/images that I was using was really small, and I didnt realize that the API that provides the “preview” was not resizing the images.
Now that I have tested the preview from a larger set of images, I can see that the preview API works wonderfully:

Great, glad to read that your question is answered!