Jpeg2000 lossless null tag

Hello Sébastien,

Thank you for being so generous in sharing wonderful tool!

My question is when I upload an uncompressed image I could see all the UIDs and tags etc in Orthnac. In other words all works well. However, if I upload pre-compress JPEG2000 LossLess image all the tags shows null in Orthanc. I am using following Transfer Syntax UID - 1.2.840.10008. and 1.2.840.10008. So, compressed images are not supported or above mentioned syntax are not supported?

Kindly please guide me. Many thanks.

Hello Richard,

Thanks for your positive feedback. The two transfer syntax you refer to are supported by Orthanc:

I cannot reproduce your problem: The tags of files encoded using JPEG2k lossless do appear properly in Orthanc Explorer.

Please share some (possibly anonymized) test image for us to reproduce your issue: Without such an image, we cannot provide any help.


The file size I have is about 12 meg. I'm hitting the upload limitation to upload the file. Wondering how could I give this to you?


You could try and use some cloud service such as:

An update for you...
I have uncompressed CR files which are about 22mg. When I compress using gdcm to jpeg2klossless the file size get reduced to about 12mg. Uploading these compressed files into Orthanc produces null results on all tags.

When the uncompressed file size for CR is smaller say about 10meg and compressed files are about 3-4meg - uploading these compressed file into Orthanc produces correct result.

Now, my concern is how to send you these 12meg compressed file to you so you could produce the result which I am facing. Do you have ftp?


Please try and use some cloud service such as:

I will put the file in our “orthanc-tests” Mercurial repository afterwards.

Richard told me by private mail that his problem is now solved.

The problem was that the DICOM files where not properly compressed to JPEG2k by his custom code using the GDCM library.