Hii Sebastien and others, \

A quick question . Having trouble retrieving images by dicom viewer from Orthanc due to multiframe JPEG compatibility issue , i think ( clinician not IT expert) .

Found a work around however. ( after lots of try and error) . Situation is like this

Modality ( Shimadzu angiography) to ORTHANC ( file type B) - Cannot be retrieved ( failed C move ) and not viewable by dicom viewer.

Modality ( Shimadzu ) to ORTHANC then to Conquest ( saved as JPEG 2000 Support lossless) then back to ORTHANC ( file type A ) -viewable and works like a charm.

Q : Is there any way i can do this ( obtaining dicom type A file ) without without going thru conquest? I notice SOPInstanceUID is different-

files are in the drop box link —

Thank you


You can set all the allowed transfer syntaxes to “false” in the configuration file:

This will prevent the Shimadzu modality from sending JPEG2000-compressed files, and will force it to convert the images to raw, uncompressed DICOM files. However, I cannot guarantee that your Shimadzu modality has the ability to uncompress JPEG2000 images.



i will have a go at this and update later. My cardiology colleagues have been very impressed with Orthanc and grateful for your effort ,patience and prompt responses.