Is there already a Worklist REST API?


the worklist support (MWL) already works quite well for me now.

However, two more questions popped-up while playing with it:

1) Is there REST support for worklist (i.e. CRUD operations) or is file access to the WorklistsDatabase folder the only way to manipulate worklists in Orthanc? And if yes, how to take care of the lockfile then?

2) Who is typically deleting a worklist after it was done, the modality or the initiator of the worklist, e.g. RIS ?



1- The first question is discussed in the Orthanc Book:

As a summary, file access is the only way to manipulate the worklists within the sample plugin, and locking is implemented by the filesystem. But this is just a sample, so new more advanced plugins can be developed to have a REST API.

2- Typically, the modality will generate a MPPS module (Modality Performed Procedure Step) inside its DICOM files. Once received by the PACS (in this case, Orthanc), the MPPS are used to give feedback to the RIS about the progress of the acquisition. It is then up to the RIS to clear its worklists given this set of DICOM files.