Is it possible to use C-Find to retrieve general worklist info from another PACS


We are trying to use Orthanc to set up a web connection to our Sectra PACS. We have the whole thin set up and DICOM Q/R enabled. We would like to use the the Sectra worlists to structure the Radiologists home workflow. So is it possible to use C-Find to obtain the general worklists from the Sectra PACS? The sample code you provide is set up for modality worklists but not general worklists.

Hi Simon,

Right now, Orthanc can only act as a Worklist server. We have no plan right now to implement the C-Find SCU for worklist.
So I would say that you should probably use findscu directly.

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The “/modalities/…/find-worklist” route does already exist the REST API of Orthanc to do C-FIND SCU on worklist. Here is an example:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/modalities/sectra/find-worklist -d ‘{“PatientID”:“”}’


Wow ! We learn everyday !

I think Simon means a DICOM UPS kind of query (
I do not think Sectra (or any other PACS supplier) supports UPS-RS

If Simon was talking about DICOM UPS-RS, this feature is not available yet:

The free and open-source Orthanc project is looking from financial support from the industry or from hospitals in order to implement this feature.

Hi Sebastien,

I have started trying orthanc server since 3 weeks.
Now I am trying to get worklist search using postman app as u said above.
http://localhost:8042/modalities/.../find-worklist -d '{"PatientID":""}'

but I need to limit the search number of search results.

My questions are there any way to limit max search limits from configuration file for worklist search?

2.can we set any limit while requesting through the rest api.

(For findscu there is cancelling option after receiving the particular no of results, similarly can we do from the rest api also? Rest api results as json at a time. If no of results crosses limit of json file reply size app can crash.Tried with Limit keyword,but not accepting in app and throwing wrong Dicom tag, might be treating that also as a Dicom tag)

Thanks in advance
Rekha devi

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