Internal server error on ZIP Study download


I'm using Orthanc 0.9.4 on a debian sid unstable. When I download a huge study, I've got an internal server error :
   "HttpError" : "Internal Server Error",
   "HttpStatus" : 500,
   "Message" : "Cannot write to file",
   "Method" : "GET",
   "OrthancError" : "Cannot write to file",
   "OrthancStatus" : 14,
   "Uri" : "/patients/xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx/archive"

Here is the exception in the error log :
E1106 11:03:14.987220 MongooseServer.cpp:754] Exception in the HTTP handler: Cannot write to file

Any idea please ?

You should check the disk space assigned to your “/tmp” mount.

It is where Orthanc creates a temporary file that will result in the final ZIP file. If “/tmp” is too small, the creation of the ZIP file will fail.


That’s it. Thank you !