Installing Orthanc-Arch Linux

Hello all,

I get this error while making the Orthanc package via github: Install ‘patch’ standard command-line tools’.
If I comment this out in the DownloadPackage.cmake file, even then the installation fails later on.

I also tried installation by downloading the pre-compiled package but that runs into error at Arithmetic check saying ‘Permission Denied’. I am not sure what to do.

I had no trouble installing Orthanc on Ubuntu 16.04. It is my first time doing an Arch Linux installation.

Please help.




You are probably trying to install the package without root permissions. Please get in touch with the Arch Linux community to get information about installing packages:

If you want to build Orthanc from sources by yourself, you can find the build instructions of the package at the following location:

I guess you have to install the “util-linux” package with pacman in order to get the “patch” software installed.