Installing as daemon

On Ubuntu 14.04 server. When installing by sudo apt-get install orthanc, all works.

However, when installing version 1.0 and after running make then make install, it installs in a different location: /usr/local/sbin/Orthanc

It took me a while to find it, fair enough I think, but that's not where the documentation suggests it installs. Also, I have to generate the Configuration.json (when using the old version by sudo apt-get install orthanc, it is already in /etc/orthanc/orthanc.json). So I do that.

It works okish if I type Orthanc ./Configuration.json with one problem I'll come back to.

So to install as daemon I follow the instructions here:

Using the script, but modifying these two lines:

DAEMON_ARGS="--logdir=$LOGDIR /home/pacs/Configuration.json"

I have attached the full file.
It doesn't work. I have to log in and start it manually.

Also, when I type Orthanc ./Configuration.json I'm left without the ability to type commands, see screenshot. To get back to the command line I ctl C, but that stops Orthanc.

Also, no log files are generated, no matter what I try. Nor is there a PID file.

Any help to get the daemon working please?



orthanc (4.47 KB)

Orthanc screenshot.jpg

Here is the configuration file

Configuration.json (9.91 KB)


Why don’t you follow the rules to build the official Debian package from source, then adapt the “/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json” configuration file?

If you want Orthanc version 1.0.0 to be backported to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, please contribute to Orthanc by following these instructions:


In a nutshell, here is how to request an Ubuntu backport:

sudo apt-get ubuntu-dev-tools


Then, create an Ubuntu user account (as proposed by requestbackport), and ask backport from xenial (aka. 16.04 LTS) to trusty (aka. 14.04 LTS).

You will have to argue your request: Saying that 1.0.0 is the first stable version of Orthanc and brings many security improvements over Orthanc 0.7.2 (currently shipped together with 14.04) should be enough:

I use Orthanc compiled from source on Ubuntu server 14.04. All this runs on a remote server, and I do not always have the opportunity to start the server from the keyboard.

I could not follow the instructions of the FAQ to get the result. Paragraphs 2 and 3 have remained a mystery to me. FAQ about deamon Ubuntu

At the developer probably not enough time, that would be something to describe in detail for ordinary users :slight_smile:
Great pity, I would like to have more detailed information.

For those who could not run a server according to the instructions, I suggest my way:

1 Install Webmin on your Ubuntu server
2 Go to: “Other” - “User Commands”
3 Create and setting New Commands
4 Fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot (russian language) and save
5 Start new command
6 Its Work!
7 Clouse Webmin

It will be good if someone will share his experience of Orthanc run as a daemon in Ubuntu 14.04




Thanks for sharing your instructions about Webmin.

Regarding the FAQ, I do not see anything unclear. As an ordinary user, you should just use the official Ubuntu package, and you will not have to worry about manually installing the service.

If you need a manually-built version of Orthanc (maybe because your Ubuntu distribution ships a too old version), get familiar with Debian services and everything should become clear:

If you want to help, please fill a bug to the Ubuntu backport team so that a newer version of Orthanc could be made available inside Ubuntu 14.04. I have written how this can be done a few posts above:

Since my post, nobody asked the Ubuntu backport, so please do so for your personal sake as well as for the sake of the entire community:


Sorry, I didn’t request the backport as I am now on 16.04 LTS. Thanks, for your time.