Input to OSIMIS Web Viewer as DICOM files stored on Amazon S3

Dear experts,

Our DICOM files stored on Amazon S3.
Our medical consultants click on one of the files/study on our web application which displays list of studies.

What I want to do is the DICOM file they clicked within our application needs to be provided as an input to the OSIMIS Web Viewer or the ORTHANC Web Viewer and the viewer starts immediately displaying the DICOM file.

Is this possible with Orthanc and the Web viewer plugin associated with it?
If Yes, I am currently struggling on how to do it. Can anyone please put some light on this?

Thanks in advance.


No, this is not possible. The WebViewer gets all its data from the Orthanc Rest API (and WebViewer Rest API).
If you want to access files from S3, you’ll have to write an Orthanc storage plugin for AWS S3.

We have one plugin for Azure Blob Storage but, to my knowledge, there’s nothing available for AWS S3.


Of interest is mention of “plugin for Azure Blob Storage”. Would you be able to expand on this, specifically:

  • Is plugin stable and in active use?
  • How would one go about obtaining this plugin? One time purchase? Subscription?


I have a similar request from doctors as they want to give patients the DICOM files via Dropbox or Google Drive (hospital is bankrupt at this stage) so that patients can view these files with their new physicians in case hospitals closes, any advice on this approach? I can write an application that will place the dicom files in patients dropbox or google drive but how to them play it in webviewer?


Never use Dropbox or Google Drive to store/exchange medical information.

This simply breaks down medical confidentiality, by insecurely exposing patient data over Internet.