Images can't be retrieved with DHCP (DicomCheckModalityHost doesn't work?)


I’m running test installations of Orthanc for Windows.
OS in use: Windows 7 x32, Windows Server 2016 x64.
Firewall is off.

DICOM client in local network retrieve images well when client’s IP in DicomModalities is the same as the client’s static IP.
When the client’s IP differs (for example, acquired by DHCP), images can’t be retrieved despite the DicomCheckModalityHost set to false.
Al I had add comparing to default config is new modality in DicomModalities.

#1. Works fine
Orthanc IP:
Orthanc AE title: ORTHANC

Client static IP:

“DicomModalities” : {
“mydicom” : [ “MYDICOM”, “”, 104 ]

Record from log-file:
W0122 22:18:12.864362 OrthancMoveRequestHandler.cpp:275] Move-SCU request received for AET “MYDICOM”

#2. Doesn’t retrieve images
Orthanc IP:
Orthanc AE title: ORTHANC

Client static IP: (or dynamic IP)

“DicomModalities” : {
“mydicom” : [ “MYDICOM”, “”, 104 ]

Records from log-file:

W0122 22:18:54.801839 OrthancMoveRequestHandler.cpp:275] Move-SCU request received for AET “MYDICOM”
E0122 22:19:04.801854 OrthancException.h:85] Error in the network protocol: DicomUserConnection: Failed to establish association
0006:0317 Peer aborted Association (or never connected)
0006:031c TCP Initialization Error: The operation completed successfully. (Timeout)
E0122 22:19:04.801854 MoveScp.cpp:237] IMoveRequestHandler Failed: Error in the network protocol

SynedraViewPersonal (used as the DICOM client) error message:

The following exception has occurred:
Error while retrieving form the dicom server using the url: syn://dicom/load?calling_aet=MYDICOM&called_aet=ORTHANC&dicom_port=4242&receive_port=104&secure_receive_port=0&host=, exception: Nonzero status returned in CMOVE response: 49152

Config and log files attached.

Any ideas are welcome.

orthanc.json (17.7 KB)

Orthanc.log.20190122-221805.2212 (5.43 KB)

Orthanc.log.20190122-221846.4568 (5.79 KB)

Hi, Yuriy!

Whenever you acquire an IP through DHCP, it can change every time around. In the example you provided (scenario #2), the DHCP IP is “” whereas mydicom modality is expected to have the IP.

You can configure a host that acquired IP through DHCP. You’ll only have to double the new IP and update the configuration accordingly.


Hi Luiz,

So for images retrieving impossible without specifying the exact client’s IP address(or addresses) at Orthanc config in DicomModalities section?

Moreover, if I will further publish Orthanc server in the internet for DICOM (not Web) access, I have to specify all client’s addresses in DicomModalities section too? No way to access server from “unknown anywhere”?


I believe that you are correct, Yuriy, I also have not found a way to allow DICOM access from unlisted IP addresses. I actually run into this all the time using dynamically assigned addresses at my hospital, but I think that is is a more general limitation of DICOM rather than an Orthanc-specific issue. If there is a way to allow DICOM access to a subnet rather than a specific address, I would be interested to hear about it too.

However, that restriction obviously doesn’t exist for the HTTP service, so if you want to publish data to a system with a dynamic addresses, you might try to use Orthanc’s web interface instead of DICOM.


Orthanc-wise I believe you can specify names rather than IP’s given you’ve got a DNS working. Then DHCP won’t be a problem.