ImageJ plugin with Orthanc


I’m trying the imagej plugin for the first time. I’m running Orthanc 1.0 with self-signed SSL certificates within a Vagrant Ubuntu virtual client on a Fedora 23 host. I run ImageJ from the Fedora 23 host.

Running Orthanc with SSL and Self-Signed Certificate

Either the self-signed certificates or SSL itself prevent the ImageJ plugin from connecting.

  • Adding a server and adjusting the url from http to https generates a “cannot connect to this server” message.
  • After turning off SSL in Orthanc, the ImageJ plugin default settings show the Orthanc server contents.

I haven’t coded in Java much, but I’m wondering if HTTPS must be handled by special URL calls or whether a flag must be set to handle self-signed certificates. I’ve seen that in other languages.

Orthanc, ImageJ Plugin and No SSL

  • I can browse Orthanc with the File->Import->Orthanc option. I see the thumbnails.

  • Clicking the “Open” button on a series generates an error message, “Error while importing this image: null”.

  • I’m using a test set of images I had on hand. It’s possible my images are non-compliant in some fashion. However, the Orthanc DICOM Web viewer plugin has no problems displaying them. Nor does Orthanc seem to have any trouble receiving and cataloging them. If I get a chance, I’ll import some other series into Orthanc and try the ImageJ import process again.




Thanks for the report. To be fair, you seem to be one of the first users of the ImageJ plugin (that has not been updated over the last year).

I have just added 2 issues to our bugtracker:

Please note that the ImageJ plugin is currently a low-priority task for me, so do not expect a quick fix. If someone else could give a look, it would be cool.


Thanks, Sebastien.

Don’t worry about not fixing a low priority item. If I have some time, I’ll take a look at the source and read up on my java URL classes. I thought someone might have a quick solution or suggestion. At least, it’s something to track.

Orthanc is a great fit for our research work and I’m glad to see you making regular updates. I’ll try to lend a hand when and if I can.


Hi, I am having the exact same problem. I don't think the issue is with ImageJ, but may be a config or network issue.

I have the same issue using the ImageJ browswer, MITO, and GinkoCADx. I can connect and see the studies listed OK, but cannot import/download the images from Orthanc


The problem with ImageJ is tracked here, and its reason is known (no support of PNG16 in the JRE that is used by ImageJ):

This problem with ImageJ is totally unrelated to your configuration problem with MITO and Ginkgo CADx. Please check the FAQ:

The following post might also help:


By using the imageJ for window.
On the server (Ubuntu 14), there is only compiled Orthanc 1.0. No plug-ins are not installed шт server.

Install the plugin and set up access to the server.
Connection Test runs. Tree of patients and research opens.
When you try to open the selected image or series I get the error: “error while importing this images…” see attach

Tell me where the problem ?

There is already a pending bug report about this problem:

Dear John,

I have just fixed this bug.

A new release of the plugin (version 1.1) is now available:


Thanks, Sebastien. That works.